Bitizens are the tiny people who inhabit your Tiny Tower. They are made of entirely pixels. You first have to build an Apartment in your Tower before Bitizens can move in. One Apartment can hold five Bitizens. Once a Bitizen moves in to an Apartment, you can then give them a job. Each Bitizen has five Skill Levels, one for each store category. It is the best idea to put each Bitizen in a job where they have a high Skill Level. Each Bitizen also has their own Dream Job. A Dream Job is a place where that particular Bitizen would most like to work at. If you put a Bitizen to work at their Dream Job you double an item when you restock, so if you have two people working at the same Dream Job, the first and second items will be doubled when restocked. You also get a 3 Tower Bux bonus for every Bitizen you put in their Dream Job.