VIPs are special visitors that sometimes visit your Tiny Tower. There are four different kinds of VIPs, and each of them does something different to benefit your Tiny Tower. They can do anything from cutting waiting time to giving your stores bonuses. It is a good idea to know what each VIP looks like, because once you activate them in the elevator, you have to either use them or get rid of them, whether they will benefit you at the time or not.

Types of VIPs:

  • Celebrity- Will attract a huge crowd of Bitizens to the store that you bring them to.
  • Big Spender- Will buy up all of one item from the store you bring them to.
  • Delivery Man- Will take 3 hours from the restocking time of the store you bring them to.
  • Construction Worker- Will take 3 hours from the constructing time of any constructing floor you bring them to.

Appearance of VIPs:

  • Celebrity- The Celebrity wears dark sunglasses, with any color earings, with any color standard female hair, with different color standard female clothes.
  • Big Spender- The Big Spender wears dark sunglasses, with any color standard male hair, with any color suit and tie shirt, and any color pants.
  • Delivery Man- The Delivery Man wears a brown shirt with black pants and a brown hat.
  • Construction Worker- The Construction Worker wears an orange shirt with light orange pants and a yellow hard hat.